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What is Brand Identity?

Brand identity is all about making a name for the company as brand. It is not just about selling the product. It is about making a name for the company which becomes a brand, and identity. With proper branding services, such as photography, logo design, choosing a suitable colour scheme, a good branding identity can be created. A brand agency is a place where one can get all these done under one roof.

Case Study

Adara Jewellery

The jewelry industry is a place where competition, may it be big or small, has existed for a pretty long time. Adara, being the new brand that it is, needed to make its first impression a very strong and memorable one.

We set out to design a logo that would be elegant and regal in its look, while still striking people as familiar, as though they had previously seen it somewhere.

Logo Choices

The Chosen One

After choosing the logo, the branding guidelines still had to be decided. The colors, fonts, placement, taglines and usage options still had to be created.

Other Works