Bodh: The Store

Designs by Latika Dhawan

An ethnic-wear Boutique

Bodh: The Store

Ethnic Designer wear, created with love by Latika Dhawan. They take pride in their Quality and Originality. Unlike many designer boutiques they are affordable and they strive to make clothing perfect for you.

They are a pretty great store but they were being forgotten and their sales were dwindling.

Great Graphics

Great Content

Bad Targeting

When Bodh came to us their sales had dropped and they argued that digital marketing would not help them because they were already running online promotions.

They were right in believing so, because in 6 months these were their statistics:

~ 3 Lakhs Users Reached

~ ₹26,000 In Spends

665 Clicks

After carefully reviewing their existing customer base. We made changes to their targeting based on the customer profile we created from the data and implemented it. Their brand awareness shot up, more women sent them messages on Facebook regarding the price of items, their direction request on Google increased by 268% and their sales increased.

~50k Users Reached

~5k in Spends

~50k Users Reached

It’s Quality Rather

Than Quantity

That Matters.