27 Hills

The Tea-commerce Site

Selling teas globally from estates all over India

All the work done before was without planning!

When we were asked by 27 Hills to look into their digital portfolio, they already had promotions running online. While going though the data we found that all their promotions were running without a plan and incorrect targeting. Although it was bringing in an audience of more than 5,000 users there was no sales and most people were not interested in what the site had to offer.

We first plan and then take action

After carefully reviewing their new e-commerce, we fought to make changes to the UX of the site to be more customer centric. With all the changes made and careful implementation of the marketing plan we created for them, 27 Hills went from 0 sales in the previous 6 months to over 2.76 Lakhs in sales over 2 weeks.

~500 Users

₹2.76 Lakhs in sales

₹10,000 In Spends